Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shout Out

Hey guys!  Sorry been MIA, but it's been a busy summer and along with the new puppy, I just haven't had time to create much as I like to.  Rocky, our new boxer pup, is the cutest thing!  I'm hoping to come back soon though!  In the mean time, I've been having loads of fun with the stuff from BabyBerryGirl aka iBerryGirl, aka DroidBabyGirl!  She has lots of cool stuff for everyone to customize their phones with! Check out the walls, icons and weather sets, and have fun!

For BlackBerry, you may not be able to use the weather sets if you are on BB10 (BBOS devices can still use the sets in BeWeather just like you can with my sets), but you can use the walls and the icons.  Icons you say? YES.  I use the app called Shortcut Creator by ToySoft found in BlackBerry World.  It's a great app that lets you add shortcuts to your home screen for files, folders, websites etc.  You can use custom icons too!  So that's what I've done with mine.  I just created shortcuts to websites and you can name them whatever you want.  (The original icons will still be there and you can put them on another page) Doesn't it  look great!?  Note:  I'm using 10.3, so I do not have the shadow boxes around my icons.  If you are on 10.2.1 and lower, you will have the shadow boxes showing.

Here's the latest wallpaper and icons from iBabyGirl on my BlackBerry Z30!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Time!

Yes it's finally here!  After a long, crazy winter even for us, Summer has shown her happy self:)
The long lazy days of Summer are upon us and it's about time too.  Time to bust out those flip flops (hooray!), shorts and t's.  My typical summer uniform, with a bathing suit thrown in (we won't talk about how I really feel about wearing that though:) ).

As I was thinking about this post, I realized how I long for the simpler times in life.  Where we didn't have the need for schedules and camps etc to get through the summer.  When just letting the kids play outside all day and wait for the ice cream truck to come by was enough.  Now it seems that boredom sets in so easily and there always has to be something to do.   When we didn't care what phone we had, or felt the need to post on Facebook and IG and Twitter and anywhere else.  Don't get me wrong, I love technology and am a victim to it myself, but sometimes you think back and life was so much better when it was simple.

And so I decided to go back to basics and put together a simple weather set.  No fancy patterns and designs and colors, just a clean set, that really will look good on any wallpaper.  It's just weather after all :)
Actually it will look great with a lot of summer backgrounds!

Enjoy the Simple Times:)

Simple Times BWI   ***  Please let me know if this works, I haven't had time to test it  ***

Simple Times WWI

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Forward - again

REPOST -  Because why not, It's Spring Forward time again!

Hey peeps!

How about this daylight savings time??  Ugh.  So tired, lol.  But I do like the extra daylight in the evenings, so I guess it's a matter of time to get used to it.   Really like this time of year, the weather is perfect, the colors are fabulous everywhere, and it means Summer is almost here!!

And here is the BW!  I called it Spring Forward of course!!

BW Spring Forward, Wp by me on wall page....for iPhone too!!


Spring Forward BW


Sunday, February 23, 2014

C'mon Spring!

Have I told you how done I am with this winter??  Now that the Olympics are done, and yes Canada won GOLD in hockey!!!  Congrats to all the athletes on a great competition!

So as I was saying, I'm ready for warmer temps and bright colors and longer days!

Here is a set to help urge Spring to get here!  I call it Painting Me Softly and it's in 4 colors. At first I was going to charge, but I'm just so thrilled that Canada won both hockey Gold that well here you go!


BWI BlackBerry/Android

Painting Me Softly

Painting Me Softly Pink

Painting Me Softly Purple

Painting Me Softly Teal

WWI iPhone

Painting Me Softly

Painting Me Softly Pink

Painting Me Softly Purple

Painting Me Softly Teal

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Waiting for Spring...

I'm really not a winter fan.  Not at all.  Only thing I like about it right now are the Olympics and hot drinks...Enough of all this snow.  I bet all of you are sick of it too.  So as I was sitting here on yet another day stuck at home,  I finished this weather set I was debating on for Spring.  I'm not sure about it and how it will look on all your screens, but I hope you guys like it.   Just wanted to see flowers for a change instead of snow and ice!

Available for BlackBerry and Android BW, and iPhone WW.    If you want to drop a donation I wouldn't mind that either!

As always, Enjoy!

Spring Blossom WW

Spring Blossom BWI

Thank-you Wendybee for the Screen Shots!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Going for Gold!

I love the Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!  So glad they are finally here!
Sorry I've been MIA, just been busy with life, and need a break.   Working on a couple of weather sets, but don't know when I will have them done.  Stay tuned!

In the mean time, enjoy the Olympics, cheer for your favorite country, get in the spirit!   Just a couple of walls I made.....Enjoy

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Louis Love

Here is the Louis Vuitton set I made as requested by Daphny.   Free to download for BWI and iPhone WWI!!

Hope you like.  BTW, really, really addicted to Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, so if any of you want to donate to support my addiction, I won't mind at all:))))

Louis Vuitton BWI
Louis Vuitton WWI